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You can now trade-in personal devices for a CORETECH gift card using this website

  1. Items we can trade-in:
    • MP3 Players - iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, & iPod Classic
    • Cell Phones - Apple, Samsung, & HTC
    • Tablets - iPad (full size & mini), Samsung, Google, Microsoft, & Amazon
    • Notebooks - Apple (Macbook, Macbook Pro, & Macbook Air)
    • Desktop - Apple (iMac, Mac Mini, & Mac Pro)
  2. Trade-ins can be facilitated in the store or online at  If you submit a trade-in online, bring the product in for verification of its condition within 15 days.
  3. If the device you submitted a claim for decreases in value (within 15 days), your estimated value of your claim will not change. (Assuming the condition is as described on your claim)
  4. Trade-in your old device for a CORETECH gift card.
  5. There is no limit to the amount of devices you can trade-in.
  6. Receive your gift card instantly to use on any product in store.
  7. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.