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I’m a student/staff/faculty at WSU. Where can I find my copies of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office?

Log into your email at Click the link to the "Tech Store" under the quicklinks on the right side of the page. Follow the links on the left to make a "Personal Purchase". (Pricing and availability may be subject to change. Items purchased through the Tech Store are not associated with CORETECH.)

I’ve heard that my Mac can run Windows? How do I set this up?

There are two ways to run Windows on your Mac. You can run it “natively” using Apple’s BootCamp, or “virtualized” via third party software such as Parallels.  “Native” installations generally perform better versus a “virtualized” install, which allows you to run Windows and Mac OS simultaneously. 

For more information on how to setup Bootcamp, click here. Information on Parallels can be found here.

CORETECH Service can install Bootcamp/Windows 10 on your Mac for $50. You will need a valid Windows 10 license key. Parallels can be purchased on a self-install USB drive in the store for $39.99.

How do I restore the OS on my Mac?

Sometimes bad things happen to your OS. If your computer won’t boot, or suffers from certain types of software errors, restoring your OS can help. Luckily, most Macs have an easily accessible Recovery Mode. To enter Recovery Mode, you will need to Shut Down your Mac. Once it is completely powered down (not sleeping), hold down Command+R and press the Power button. Continue holding Command+R until the Apple logo appears. It may take a little while, but your computer should boot to a screen that allows you to restore your OS.


Using Mac OS Recovery can erase and re-install your OS, personal files and software. Recovering your OS should be considered a last resort. Always check to see if system or software updates resolve your issue before re-installing your OS.  Use Time Machine to back your system up BEFORE re-installing your OS. If you run into trouble, CORETECH can re-install your OS for $40.

For more info on Mac OS recovery, click here.

How do I use Time Machine to make a backup of my system?

Making a full system backup on your Mac is easy with Time Machine. Time Machine is built into Mac OS and provides a quick and reliable way for you to insure your irreplaceable files don’t get lost if your computer is damaged, lost or stolen. You’ll need an external hard drive to store your backups on. We have affordable, portable external hard drives right here at CORETECH.

For more information on how to configure Time Machine on your Mac, click here.

How do I backup and restore my iPhone/iPad/iPod?

There are two ways to back up your iOS device, iTunes and iCloud. iTunes is a free application that can run on both Mac and Windows PCs. It allows you to manage the content (music, movies, apps) on your device, make backups, and restore your iOS device. iCloud is online “cloud-based” storage. iOS users have 5GB of free storage by default that can be used to backup your device. Additional storage can be purchased from Apple if needed.

For more information on performing backups using iTunes and iCloud, click here.

For more information on restoring your device using iTunes and iCloud, click here.