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Apple Products


WSU Purchases Made Easy

Not sure which device is right for you? Our technology associates can walk through the specifics of each product and explore custom-build options.

Whether you’re upgrading your work computer or an entire campus lab, CORETECH’s Apple-certified technology team makes the purchasing process quick and easy. We offer:

  • P card purchases in-store
  • IRI purchases via email
  • Free delivery on the Pullman campus

Service & Repair Access

Our Apple-certified service team can help departments with all repair needs along the way. We offer full service for devices in and out of warranty, including:

  • Hardware diagnostics and repairs
  • Operating system reinstall
  • RAM and storage upgrades
  • Protection plans and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from CORETECH?

Money is kept within the institution and supports the Students Book Corporation dividends given to WSU and WSU students.  CORETECH is also training and supporting WSU student workers, providing an employment and future job training benefit.

Educational discount

All qualifying purchases through CORETECH receive the education discount.  This is the same price as working directly with Apple.

Payment options

There are two options for payment.  P-Card and IRI.  IRI can be done from the convenience of your computer through email or in person.  P-Card is accepted for in person purchases only.


We recommend AppleCare+ for all apple products.  This extends Apples 1-year limited warranty to a maximum of three years.  

2 years for iPad and Watches
3 year for Mac products

New, for Macs in 2017, AppleCare+ includes coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage. Each accident is subject to a service fee.

AppleCare+ for Macs is 25% less than retail when buying through CORETECH.


CORETECH is an on campus Apple Authorized Service Provider.  Which means we are local and all technical support is provided by a trained Apple Certified Macintosh Technician and Apple Certified iOS Technician.


General support and training can be provided as needed.

What makes it an institutional purchase?

An institutional purchase is any purchase made with WSU money.

Inventory Stickers

Any questions about inventory should be directed to WSU's Office of Property Inventory for proper labeling of qualifying purchases.


Delivery to the Pullman campus is free.  Other campuses please contact us directly for pricing.


We keep all stock models on hand and in store for same day pickup/delivery.  CORETECH can also custom order any configuration that you might need to effectively do your job.


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